Tricky Camera Trickery

Here's a video to show off the rather spiffy HD footage from the i8910 HD. But we can't make it easy for you, so here's the challenge - how did we make this video?

NO camera tricks, edits or any of that CG tomfoolery, it's shot in camera and in one take. If you think you know how we did it, feel free to comment below.

Otherwise we'll reveal our secrets in a few weeks time....

Props to the props

OK, so you have probably guessed by now that there is no ‘Technivator’ (although we wish there was) and that the film you probably just watched wasn’t a real ‘unboxing’ video. Here at Samsung we were wondering how to celebrate the launch of the Samsung Omnia (i900), so we had a chat with some impishly creative friends of ours, and this is what happened...

We love watching ‘unboxing’ videos and we thought with so much information out there already about the product we’d have some fun…. No, it doesn’t come with marching bands and a rodeo, it does, however, come with a whole package of features that are listed at GSM arena, Digit Geek and of course at Samsung's own site... you can even become a fan of the device on Facebook, where it has more friends than we do!

What did you think? Love it, hate it, wanna know how we did it? Send our team your thoughts:

We'll read every single one of your comments, so make them as fun as you like. Thanks!

Here's the inspiration...

Respect where respect is due. Some of the best places for insights into the phone come from you the customer.